Beauty Fades

Artist: Hit & Run Bluegrass
Release Date: April 13, 2004
Digital Release: April 28, 2013
Label: Amtoco Records (AMT4601)
Beauty Fades
Rebecca Frazier (Music of Mahoggany ASCAP)

Beauty fades, but not your soul
Tell me where do you want to go
On that final day when death takes its toll
And you’re gone, and your body’s still and cold

Verse 1
Your life is just one drop
In a sea of restless souls
It’s up to you to be wise and seek the truth
Your body is just a ship to carry you


Verse 2
Someday you might be old and all alone
Your beauty faded to the bone
Your lover has gone and left you all alone
You might be singin’ a lonesome song

Verse 3
But your beauty is deeper than the sea
Your light is higher than the sun
Radiant in your years, your beauty has not gone
It’s there, it was shinin’ all along


Trouble & Pain
By John Frazier (5 30 80 Publishing, ASCAP)

Verse 1
In the days of my youth when I was but a lad
Through the woods near my house I would roam
Seeking trouble and pain as I rambled around
Going further and further from home

Verse 2
I did not realize as I ran through the wood
That my home was now further from me
And that time would move faster the older I grew
Was a thing that I could not foresee

Now I ramble around, though I long to settle down
I’m inclined to the road in front of me
And I long for the days of my youth when I ran
From the home that was waiting for me

Verse 3
All the trouble and pain were quite easily found
The further and further I went
It was then that I knew that my time there at home
Was like money that I’d so poorly spent


Verse 4
Looking back to the time when I was very young
I can see that old house in my mind
I can see the dark woods and the trees where I ran
Looking for what I would never find

Lonely Comin' Down
Coach's Stomp
The Whole World Round
Cold Iron Door
John Frazier (5 30 80 Publishing, ASCAP)

Verse 1
Shot down a man on the Tennessee line
We were playing cards, we were drinking wine
He drew the ace of spades, took my money away
So I pulled my guns, sent him to the grave

Verse 2
All the sheriff’s men, they knocked down my door
Dragged me out of bed right across the floor
Put the cuffs on me, threw me in the truck
Took me way downtown, I’m all out of luck

Now I got three walls and a cold iron door
This is where I live, I ain’t free no more
My lifelong home is this little cell
I got nothin’ left but the story I tell

Verse 3
When the judge came in he looked down at me
He told me son, I’m sorry as can be
I can’t sympathize with your alibi
You’re going to jail ‘til the day you die


Verse 4
I was twenty-one when they threw me in
I’ll be twenty-two in this house of sin
Lord, I spend my days scratchin’ on the wall
And I’m all alone, no friends at all


Old, Old House
Silver & Gold
Goin' Back to Georgia
John Frazier (5 30 80 Publishing, ASCAP)

Verse 1
Out in Colorado standing in a morning mountain snow
This Southern boy became a man and knew he had to go
He wandered down the dusty road, on his back he wore a heavy heavy load
Now he’s goin’ back to Georgia with Savannah on his mind

That coastline, it bears a Southern name
Where the willows in the summer breeze blow free
On that South Atlantic Plain is where our hero wants to be
Swinging on the old front porch swing at his home down by the sea

Verse 2
He turned his back to see once more the little cabin home
Where he’d spent so many nights so cold and all alone
He threw his pack upon his shoulder and said his last farewell to Boulder
Now he’s going back to Georgia with his woman on his mind

His true love whose smile he knows so well
Is waiting in the South for his return
On the day that he arrives her tears will fall like springtime rain
In each others’ arms, united, they will never part again

Killing the Blues
Get Outta Town
How I Curse That Man (I Thought Was Mine)
Rebecca Frazier (Music of Mahoggany, ASCAP)

How I curse that man I thought was mine
He took all I had in only two weeks time
Left me for a girl who had a dime
Then I saw ‘em cross that county line

Please don’t rain cause I ain’t got a bed
Tell me where a girl can lay her head
I should’ve listened to what they said
Ramblin’ man is bound to steal your bread

Someday I’ll see a man who’ll smile at me
By then I hope I’m gone from Tennessee
By then I hope he’s gone from my heart
That two-time man is tearin’ me apart

Oh, how I curse that man I thought was mine
Took all I had in only two weeks time
Left me for a girl who had a dime
Then I saw ‘em cross that county line

 “This Colorado-based quintet has plenty to offer fans of contemporary bluegrass music – great picking, soulful vocals, high lonesome harmonies, solid songwriting abilities and great song selection – all melded together with drive, energy and enthusiasm.”
– Lewis Geffen, Bluegrass Works, 5/25/04



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