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“…Although she has achieved great success, she continues to be very passionate about her music and her guitar playing. I predict that many will point to Rebecca as a role model, inspiration, and guitar hero. Her journey is one that should serve to inspire any guitar player, singer or songwriter.”


“Rebecca has been steadily building a reputation as a first-rate flatpicker with the skills to hang with the bluegrass world’s most accomplished guitarists, as guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for the Colorado-based group, Hit & Run.”


Moonshiner Magazine


Rebecca Frazier is a triple threat.  She is a wonderfully engaging singer, a compelling songwriter and an accomplished guitarist to boot.  All of these talents come together to dazzling effect on When We Fall.  I’m proud of Rebecca for what she’s achieved on this album, for her tenacity in pursuing her dream and for recording one of the best bluegrass albums I’ve heard this year.
– Alison Brown

“I’ve worked with Rebecca for several festivals, and her masterful guitar work & exceptional vocals never disappoint. She attracts some of the best musicians on the planet to her band. In September 2022, Rebecca Frazier + Hit & Run headlined our Yellowstone Harvest Festival, and their performances were stunning.”

~Kelly Eastes, Yellowstone Harvest Festival. Bozeman, MT

The Bluegrass Standard, 2023

Rebecca Frazier Bluegrass Standard

Rebecca Frazier Bluegrass Standard 2023

Hit & Run brought a potent show to our Masters Weekend event on Lake Superior in November. We’d seen them in their heavy touring days, so we knew that they’d put on a fantastic and unique bluegrass experience for our workshop and concert. We were looking for a hard working, hard hitting, talented bluegrass band: Hit & Run brought it.
–  Wayne Russ, Director, North Shore Music Association, Minnesota [ FULL REVIEW ]

“Rebecca Frazier’s ‘When We Fall’ is the best bluegrass album of 2013…Frazier easily stands in the ranks of Alison Krauss and Rhonda Vincent, and her compelling lyrics transport us through the pain of loss, love’s disappointments, and the hope of healing….Every song on this beautiful album reveals a facet of Frazier’s musical brilliance.” BLUEGRASS SITUATION, LOOKING BACK: Our Top Picks of 2013

“A genuine triple threat as singer, songwriter and flatpicking guitarist….When We Fall(Amtoco/Compass), a stout piece of work that demands — and should bring — plenty of attention. Co-produced with veteran Brent Truitt, the album features a nicely chosen set of pickers and several original songs that offer satisfying twists on bluegrass tradition, exemplified by the laid-back sway of the title track…..Don’t be surprised if When We Fall winds up on a bunch of “best of the year” lists.” — NASHVILLE SCENE / JON WEISBERGER READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

“If When We Fall is not the best bluegrass album of 2013, then it’s easily among the top five albums of the year. With her emotional, powerful vocals, Rebecca Frazier—known for her work in the award-winning bluegrass band, Hit & Run—stands in the ranks of Alison Krauss and Rhonda Vincent; her compelling lyrics transport us through the pain of loss, love’s disappointments, and the hope of healing….. she demonstrates why she is simply one of the best flattop guitar pickers working today. Every song on this beautiful album reveals a facet of Rebecca Frazier’s musical brilliance, and not one song on the album disappoints.” ENGINE145.COM READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

When We Fall, born in tragedy, becomes a stirring, at times high-spirited, celebration of life, love and spiritual reconciliation….That When We Fall, despite its sober title, is infused with so much life, honors the Fraziers’ resilience, their new daughter and the spirit of their departed son.” DEEP ROOTS MAGAZINE 2013 Elite Half Hundred

“Rebecca Frazier’s When We Fall is the most welcome surprise to land on my desk yet this year, and the signal that there’s a major new bandleader, singer, songwriter, and guitarist in the top ranks of the world of bluegrass music.” (5 stars out of 5) LONESOME ROAD REVIEW READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

“This thunderbolt of simplicity reminds us how powerful music can be when you focus on, well, the music. Frazier confidently avoids frills and fuss, allowing us to bask in shining vocals, crisp, inventive instrumentation and intelligent songwriting. Nearly all of the 12 songs on When We Fall are originals, but Frazier’s…[songs] pack more than enough hook to knock down genre barriers.” ENGINE 145 BEST OF BLUEGRASS AND ITS OFFSHOOTS, 2013

“As much as it is a musical achievement, When We Fall persists in memory for its flesh and blood humanity. Rebecca Frazier will be heard from by dint of her artistry as a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist but the heart informing her music makes all the difference.” DEEP ROOTS MAGAZINE

“This woman’s voice is a nearly perfect bluegrass instrument–both powerful and delicate…I’d never heard her before and she is in a league of her own with a voice that falls somewhere between Alison Krauss and Rhonda Vincent without sounding at all like either.” MAVERICK MAGAZINE (U.K.)

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 2.05.00 PM

March 2014

“For bluegrass artist Rebecca Frazier,
the guitar has always been a means of
transporting her, whether to a different
state of mind, to a campfire bluegrass
circle, or onto the stage of one of the
hundred-plus festivals at which she
has performed” FULL ARTICLE

“Rebecca Frazier’s particular version of bluegrass—chordally complex without being really jazzy, virtuosic without being headlong, soulfully tuneful without being soully—is very, very good. She writes great songs, she sings them beautifully, she plays lead guitar like Tony Rice (well, okay, not quite like Tony Rice, but she’s definitely a hot picker), and she leads her band skillfully. Notably, she has created an album that lovers of newgrass and acidgrass alike should be able to agree on—it really is brilliant.” CD HOTLIST FULL ARTICLE

“It’s easy to enjoy a project with so many fine characteristics. It is well produced,  the supporting musicians are fantastic and the mixing is nothing short of spectacular….Rebecca, in addition to being a superb vocalist and lyricist, is a masterful flat-pick guitar player, playing with a level of imagination, taste, and authority that will awe many of her listeners, as well as her peers.” PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS FULL ARTICLE

“As a picker, Frazier shows the influence of Tony Rice, particularly on the melodic instrumental Virginia Coastline, but she’s clearly learned the lessons from Rice that playing lead is not all about speed and playing backup is not just about keeping time. In short, Frazier is, like both Krauss and Rice, a superbly well-rounded talent. She most evokes the dynamic early years of Krauss’ career, making this disc a pleasant and rewarding experience.” COUNTRY STANDARD TIME FULL ARTICLE

“…It is the story of turning grief into beauty, of coming alive thanks to the power of music….The collection of bluegrass and Americana songs closes with a song called ‘Babe in Arms,’ which she sang at her son’s memorial service. Many of the other songs began as part of her healing process but evolved into something that sounds less mournful. All of the tracks, though, are rooted in deep emotion.”  LSA MAGAZINE

 “You must be somebody pretty special and extraordinarily talented to get the bassist and banjo player for Alison Krauss and Union Station and the mandolin player for Steve Martin to play on your first solo record. Rebecca Frazier is just that and more. Her playing is distinctive, and her voice is lilting and lyrical.” CHAPEL HILL MAGAZINE FULL ARTICLE

“The songs aren’t so much gloomy as they are hopeful, with a few instrumentals here and there to show off why Frazier is cover-worthy.” BILLINGS GAZETTE

“Rebecca Frazier’s voice is a nearly perfect bluegrass instrument – both powerful and delicate. She also happens to be a fine songwriter, as demonstrated by the nine original songs on When We Fall…She is a monster flatpicker, with a crisp clean attack and superb timing….” AUDIOPHILEREVIEW.COM

“Rebecca Frazier succeeded in her goal of making an enduring album. The production quality of When We Fall is modern, nonetheless the well-crafted acoustic instrumentation and vocals make this recording an everlasting collection of songs….When We Fall contains a mix of splendid ear friendly bluegrass and Americana songs and dazzling instrumentals.” WORLD MUSIC CENTRAL

“Rebecca’s songs offer a refreshing perspective, with lyrics that burst with creative imagery and emotion, and memorable melodies that don’t always go where you expect. If I was half the musician Rebecca is, I’d be a very happy woman. You’ll be a very happy fan if you buy this album. I guarantee it.” MINOR 7TH

“magical vocalist, stunning guitarist….gorgeous new CD” Horizon Records

“…She’s far from a newcomer….If you’ve never heard her sing or pick a guitar, it’s time to remedy that. Soft voiced but modern sounding and spot on guitar work makes this a cd you need to hear.” BILLSBLUEGRASS.COM


When We Fall is one sweet record; I’m very impressed. Songs, arrangements, instrumental work…really strong stuff, and Rebecca’s lead playing is just amazing. She’s been putting in some serious time. The closing track in tribute to her angel gone home is especially poignant and touching.”
– Tim Timberlake, T-Square Studios/JAMInc, In Your Ear Radio, Virginia [ FULL REVIEW ]

My job is easy when I work with professionals like this group. Rebecca is the most organized instructor we have ever had up here for our workshop and concert. So many people have asked for a copy of Rebecca’s class hand-outs. I’d like to thank Hit & Run for being real.”
– Ron Mercer, Director, Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society, Alberta, Canada [ FULL REVIEW ]

Hit & Run combines strong compositional skills, individual musicianship, and ensemble playing, and that indefinable vibrancy that distinguishes the great from the good.”
– Garian Vigil, Colorado Daily [ FULL REVIEW ]

Hit & Run’s appeal may be their youthful energy combined with polished vocals, hot picking, and their contemporary sound. Their music is “handspun yet motor-driven, a well-oiled machine of sound produced by men and women with flying fingers and high, lonesome voices.”
Denver Westword

They came out of nowhere and they collided with the Colorado bluegrass scene head on…
– James Thompson, Rocky Mountain Bullhorn

“That girl sure has a pretty voice.”
– Dr. Ralph Stanley at the Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO, 2006



Private Events ♦ Eufala, Birmingham
Acoustic Cafe Ampitheater ♦ Haleyville
4 Corner States Bluegrass Festival ♦ Wickenburg
Orpheum Theater ♦ Flagstaff
Future Studios ♦ Sedona
Prescott Bluegrass Festival ♦ Prescott
Marana Bluegrass Festival ♦ Marana
High Sierra Music Festival ♦ Quincy
Summergrass San Diego Festival ♦ San Diego
Freight & Salvage ♦ Berkeley
Oaksongs Music Society Concert Series ♦ Redding
Redwood Bluegrass Assn. Concert ♦ Mountain View
Bluegrassin’ in the Foothills Bluegrass Fest ♦ Plymouth
Sweetwater Saloon/Bluegrass Gold Concert Series ♦ Mill Valley
Boulevard Music ♦ Culver City (L.A.)
Don Quixote’s Music Hall ♦ Felton
McGrath’s Pub ♦ Alameda
The Attic ♦ Santa Cruz
Last Day Saloon ♦ Santa Rosa
(Colorado (select venues))
Telluride Bluegrass Festival ♦ Telluride
Rockygrass Bluegrass Festival ♦Lyons
Durango Bluegrass Meltdown ♦ Durango
Pagosa Folk n’ Bluegrass Festival ♦ Pagosa Springs
Midwinter Bluegrass Festival ♦ Denver
North Fork Valley Bluegrass Festival ♦ Hotchkiss
Carbondale Mountain Fair ♦ Carbondale
High Mountain Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival ♦ Westcliffe
Boulder Theater ♦ Boulder
Aggie Theater ♦ Fort Collins
Fox Theatre ♦ Boulder
Bluebird Theater ♦ Denver
Gothic Theater ♦ Denver
Chautauqua Auditorium ♦ Boulder
Silverthorne Pavilion Theatre ♦ Silverthorne
Swallow Hill Music Hall ♦ Denver
Abbey Theater ♦ Durango
Mishawaka Ampitheatre ♦ Fort Collins
Crestone Music Festival ♦ Crestone
Bluegrass On the River Festival ♦ Pueblo
Fillmore Auditorium ♦ Denver
Sunlight Bluegrass Festival ♦ Glenwood Springs
Charles Sawtelle Memorial Mtn. Jam ♦ Gold Hill
Keystone Bluegrass & Beer Festival ♦ Keystone
Swallow Hill Bluegrass Festival ♦ Denver
Sundance Bluegrass Festival ♦ Fort Collins
Sunnyside Music Festival ♦ Denver
Gunnison Performing Arts Center ♦ Gunnison
Sheridan Opera House ♦ Telluride
Fly Me to the Moon Saloon ♦ Telluride
Strings in the Mtns Music Festival ♦ Steamboat
Sylvan Dale Father’s Day Festival♦Loveland
Aspen Highlands Brew Fest ♦ Aspen
Aspen Bluegrass Sundays Series ♦ Aspen
Boulder Creek Festival ♦ Boulder
Gold Hill Inn ♦ Gold Hill
Crested Butte Arts Festival ♦ Crested Butte
Avogadro’s Number ♦ Fort Collins
O’Dell Legacy Park w/ G. Love ♦ Fort Collins
Left Hand Grange Hall ♦ Niwot
Greeley Bluegrass Roundup Festival ♦ Greeley
Acoustic Café ♦ Nederland
Little Bear Saloon ♦ Evergreen
Buffalo Rose Country Music Hall of Fame ♦ Golden
Haggard’s Black Dog Saloon ♦ Durango
Steve’s Guitars ♦Carbondale
Bongo Billie’s Salida Café ♦ Salida
Storyville ♦Durango
Southern Sun Pub & Brewery ♦ Boulder
CAIC Avalanche Jam ♦ Golden
Mary’s Lake Lodge ♦ Estes Park
Millennium Harvest House ♦ Boulder
Microbrews for the Environment ♦ Boulder
Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom ♦ Denver
Hodi’s Half Note ♦ Fort Collins
Longmont Library Summer Concert Series ♦ Longmont
Meeker Range Call July 4th Celebration ♦ Meeker
Wild Creek ♦ Winterpark,
Conor O’Neill’s ♦ Boulder
Oskar Blues ♦ Lyons
Canon Rose Acoustic Society ♦ Canon City
Kaddy Shack Bluegrass Breakdown ♦ Lafayette
Rogers Hall/High Street Concerts ♦ Lyons
Foote Lagoon Summer Concert Series ♦ Loveland
Nissi’s ♦ Lafayette
Lakewood Summer Concert Series ♦ Lakewood
Alamosa Summer Concert Series ♦ Alamosa
Center for the Arts ♦ Crested Butte
High Alpine Brewing Co ♦ Gunnison
Sherpa & Yeti’s ♦Breckenridge
Club 8150 ♦ Vail
Red Sky Ranch ♦Wolcott
Hotel CO/Blue Heron Concert Series ♦ Glenwood
KAFM Radio Concert Series ♦ Grand Junction
Swing Station ♦ LaPorte
Wildwood Sounds ♦ Del Norte
Frisco Concerts in the Park Series ♦ Frisco
IBar Ranch Tuesday Concert Series ♦ Gunnison
Windsor Summer Concert Series ♦ Windsor
Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival ♦ Prescot
Podunk Bluegrass Festival ♦ East Hartford
Dogfish Head ♦ Rehoboth Beach
Hoofer’s Bluegrass & Gospel Barn ♦ LaGrange
Red Light Café ♦ Atlanta
Blue Ridge Harvest Fest ♦ La Fayette
House Concert ♦ Decatur
Knotty Pine ♦ Victor
Private Event ♦ Island Park
Bluegrass Legends Series ♦ Evanston
Martyr’s ♦ Chicago
Northeastern Illinois Univ. Jewel Box Series ♦ Chicago
Bean Blossom Music Festival ♦ Bean Blossom
Tri-State Bluegrass Festival ♦ Kendallville
Rockin’ & Rollin Roosevelt Hill Concert Series ♦ Richmond
Do 317 Lounge Murphy Art Center ♦ Indianapolis
The Bottleneck ♦ Lawrence
Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival ♦ Morehead
IBMA World of Bluegrass ♦ Louisville
Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour @Lyric Theatre ♦ Lexington
Uncle Pleasant’s ♦ Louisville
Intermezzo Café at Actor’s Theatre ♦ Louisville
Ossipee Valley Bluegrass Festival ♦ Cornish
One Longfellow Square ♦ Portland
DelFest ♦ Cumberland
Berlin Fidder’s Convention ♦ Berlin
Avalon Theatre ♦ Easton
Globe Theatre ♦ Berlin
Iron Horse ♦ Northampton
Cantab Lounge ♦ Cambridge
Niles Bluegrass Festival ♦ Niles
The Ark ♦ Ann Arbor
Elderly Instruments ♦ Lansing
Niles Concert Series ♦ Niles
Lakes Bluegrass Festival ♦ Pine River
Lonely Pines Concert Series ♦ Minneapolis
MBOTMA Concert Series ♦ Duluth
Cabin Fever Bluegrass Festival ♦ Duluth
Lonely Pines Concert Series ♦ Mankato
MBOTMA Lonely Pines Series ♦ Maple Lake
MBOTMA Lonely Pines Series ♦ Stillwater
Masters Weekend: North Shore Music Assoc ♦ Cook
County (Lake Superior)
Silver Dollar City Bluegrass Festival ♦ Branson
Lathrop Bluegrass Festival ♦ Lathrop
SPBGMA May in Missouri Festival ♦ Kirksville
St. Louis Flatpick ♦ St. Louis
Bitterroot Bluegrass Festival ♦ Hamilton
Last Chance Gulch Bluegrass Festival ♦ Helena
Cicel Recital Hall/Yellowstone Bluegrass Assoc ♦ Billings
Petro Theatre/Yellowstone BG Assoc ♦ Billings
Crystal Theater ♦ Missoula
Downtown Tonight Concert Series ♦ Missoula
Pilgrim Congregational Church/Bozeman Folklore
Society ♦ Bozeman
Flanagan’s Central Station ♦ Whitefish
Big Mountain Resort ♦ Whitefish
Miller’s Crossing ♦ Helena
Charlie’s Place ♦ Babb
Isaak’s ♦ Craig
(New Mexico)
Wildlife West Bluegrass Fest ♦ Edgewood
Cowgirl Hall of Fame ♦ Santa Fe
Albuquerque BioPark Summer Nights Series ♦ Albuquerque
(New Jersey)
Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival ♦ Pilesgrove Township
(New York)
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival ♦ Ancramdale
Knitting Factory ♦ New York
Ashokan Center ♦ Olivebridge
Acoustic Routes  Series ♦ Las Vegas
Crystal Bay Casino ♦ Crystal Bay (Tahoe)
East Las Vegas Community Ball ♦ Las Vegas
Blue Angel Coffeehouse ♦ Reno
(North Carolina)
Smilefest ♦ Lake Toxaway
Wide Open Bluegrass Festival ♦ Raleigh
Grey Eagle ♦ Asheville
Barley’s Taproom ♦ Asheville
Brewgrass Festival ♦ Asheville
Isis Music Hall ♦ Asheville
Six String Café ♦ Cary (Raleigh)
Boone Saloon ♦ Boone
Ziggy’s ♦ Winston-Salem
The Pour House ♦ Raleigh
(North Dakota)
The HoDo ♦ Fargo
Appalachian Uprising Festival ♦ Scottown
Six String Concerts @Columbus PAC ♦ Columbus
Kent Stage ♦ Kent
The Blue Door ♦ Oklahoma City
Northwest String Summit ♦ North Plains
Mount Hood Bluegrass Festival ♦ Hood River
Nehalem Bay Winery Bluegrass a Beach Concert ♦ Nehalem
The Good Foot ♦ Portland
The Mississippi ♦ Portland
Sam Bond’s Garage ♦ Eugene
Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival ♦ Gettysburg
Smoked Country Jam Bluegrass Festival ♦ Loganton
Tin Angel ♦ Philadelphia
(South Carolina)
Barley’s Taproom ♦ Greenville
Pour House ♦ Charleston
University of South Carolina ♦ Columbia
Horizon Records♦ Greenville
(South Dakota)
Black Hills Bluegrass Festival ♦ Rapid City
(Tennessee (select venues))
Blue Plum Music Festival ♦ Johnson City
Music City Roots @ Loveless Barn ♦ Nashville
Billy Block Show @ Mercy Lounge ♦ Nashville
Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival ♦ Kodak
Mudbugs & Music Fest@ East Park ♦ Nashville
IBMA World of Bluegrass Official Showcase ♦
SPBGMA Band Championship Winners ♦ Nashville
Americana Music Association Official Showcase ♦ Nashville
Station Inn ♦ Nashville
Bluebird Café ♦ Nashville
Blackberry Jam Festival ♦ Franklin
Southern Drawl Bluegrass Festival ♦ Nashville
3rd & Lindsley ♦ Nashville
Sumner County Bluegrass Jamboree ♦ Gallatin
Barley’s Taproom ♦ Knoxville
Barking Legs ♦ Chattanooga
WDVX Studios “Blue Plate Special” ♦ Knoxville
Bluegrass on Broad Concert Series ♦ Kingsport
Preservation Pub ♦ Knoxville
Bootlegger’s Inn ♦ Nashville
Downhome ♦ Johnson City
Grit, Grace, Grub Fest ♦ Gallatin
Harwell House Homecoming @ Ellington Ag Ctr ♦ Nashville
Sutler ♦ Nashville
Von Elrod’s ♦ Nashville
Five Spot ♦ Nashville
Overton Bluegrass Festival ♦ Overton
Desert Rocks Music Festival ♦ Moab
Founders Title Co. Bluegrass Festival ♦ Salt Lake City
Wallsburg Music Festival ♦ Wallsburg
Bridger Folk Music Society Series ♦ Logan
Groovefest ♦ Cedar City
Quarry Village Concert Series ♦ Park City
Urban Lounge ♦ Salt Lake City
Shaggy’s Velvet Room ♦ Salt Lake City
Pat’s BBQ ♦ Salt Lake City
The Suede ♦ Park City
The Circuit ♦ Midvale
Park Silly Sunday Market ♦ Park City
Nectar’s ♦ Burlington
Graves Mountain Bluegrass Festival ♦ Syria
Crooked Road Music Festival ♦ Abingdon
Song of the Mountains @ Lincoln Theater ♦ Marion
Bluegrass & Country Music Festival ♦ Lawrenceville
Valley Fourth Celebration ♦ Harrisonburg
BrewRidge Fest ♦ Pembroke
Blue Ridge Music Ctr Concert Series ♦ Galax
JAMinc @ In Your Ear Studio ♦ Richmond
Wilton House Museum Concert Series ♦ Richmond
Levitt AMP Concert Series ♦ Harrisonburg
B Chord Brewing ♦ Round Hill
The On Stage Concert Series ♦ Kilmarnock
Martin’s ♦ Roanoke
Thursday Jams in Abingdon Concert Series ♦ Abingdon
The Prism ♦ Charlottesville
Ashland Coffee & Tea ♦ Richmond
Gravity Lounge ♦ Charlottesville
St. Catherine’s School ♦ Richmond
Virginia Highlands Festival ♦ Abingdon
St. Stephen’s Bluegrass Bash ♦ Richmond
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Bone Fire at the Hardware ♦ Abingdon
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Cottage Music Concert Series/Kress Gallery ♦ Spokane
Tractor Tavern ♦ Seattle
Art, Heart, Soul Fest at Open Space for the Arts ♦ Vashon Island
(Washington D.C.)
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Corner Store ♦ D.C.
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Happy Jack Bluegrass Festival ♦ near Laramie
Trap Bar at Grand Targhee Resort ♦ Alta
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Lander Bar ♦ Lander
Thermopolis Summer Concert Series ♦Thermopolis
Hot Springs County HS Auditorium ♦Thermopolis
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University of Wyoming Concert Series ♦ Laramie
Silver Dollar Saloon ♦ Jackson
(Alberta, Canada)
Blueberry Bluegrass Festival ♦ Edmonton
Rombs Bluegrass & Country Jamboree ♦ Fairview
Ironwood Stage & Grill ♦ Calgary
Northern Circle Bluegrass Music Society Masters
Weekend Workshop & Concert ♦ Edmonton
(British Columbia, Canada)
Sooke River Bluegrass Festival ♦ Sooke
B.C. Bluegrass Workshops ♦ Sorrento
Norway House ♦ Victoria
Chilliwack Bluegrass Festival ♦ Chilliwack


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Nashville Public Radio: Nashville, TN
WDVX FM: Knoxville, TN
WNCW FM: Spindale, NC
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Rebecca Frazier began performing professionally in Telluride, Colorado, in the late 90’s. Frazier came to national attention in 2006 as the first woman on the cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, and after moving to Nashville in 2007, she was recognized as “a genuine triple threat as a singer, songwriter, and flatpicking guitarist” by The Nashville Scene. The Virginia native was later picked up by Compass Records for her flatpicking/songwriting solo showcase When We Fall, which was called “the best bluegrass album of 2013” by Henry Carrigan of The Bluegrass Situation.  The album received heavy airplay on SiriusXM Radio and peaked at #3 on the national Roots Music Report Chart. In 2018, Frazier became the first woman to be nominated for SPBGMA Guitar Performer of the Year and was nominated again in 2019. Paste Magazine deemed Frazier one of “Seven Women Smashing the Bluegrass Glass Ceiling” in 2017. Other honors include Frazier’s featured appearance singing and playing “Keep on the Sunnyside” on Hank Williams’ biopic, the 20th Century Fox The Last Ride movie soundtrack released by Curb Records in 2012, and Frazier’s 2009 IBMA Recorded Event of the Year award for her work on the Daughters of Bluegrass’ Bluegrass Bouquet. Frazier is a founding member of Hit & Run, the first and only band to win all three high-profile bluegrass band contests—Telluride (2003), Rockygrass (2002), and SPBGMA (2005) Festival Competitions. Dubbed “East Nashville real deal bluegrass” by journalist Craig Havighurst, the band has toured throughout 41 states and Canada since 2002 and has performed as Rebecca Frazier and Hit & Run since 2013. Frazier earned a B.A. in Music from the University of Michigan and studied guitar at Berklee College of Music. She has taught workshops across the U.S. and Canada since 2005, and was on staff at Nashville Music Academy from 2008 to 2021.


2019 & 2018 SPBGMA Guitar Performer of the Year nominee

2017 ‘7 Women Smashing the Bluegrass Glass Ceiling’ (Paste Magazine

2014 #3 Roots Music Report National Bluegrass Chart

2014 & 2005 International Bluegrass Music Association Showcase Artist

2014 Americana Music Association Showcase Artist

2009 International Bluegrass Music Association ‘Recorded Event of the Year’ Award

2006 First Woman on Cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

First Place, 2005 SPBGMA International Band Championship (Nashville, TN)

First Place, 2003 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Contest (Telluride, CO)

First Place, 2002 RockyGrass Band Contest (Lyons, CO)

 Rebecca Frazier gained national recognition as the first woman on the cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, and has since become known as “a genuine triple threat as singer, songwriter, and flatpicking guitarist.” (Nashville Scene) With over two decades of touring under her belt, Frazier returned to the national stage with her flatpicking and songwriting showcase, When We Fall, and her affiliation with Compass Records. Rebecca Frazier and Hit & Run have continued to delight audiences across the country with the “handspun yet motor-driven” music that earned Hit & Run their reputation as “one of the tightest groups performing.” (Denver Westword) They are the only band to win the top triumvirate of major bluegrass band contests at the Telluride, Rockygrass, and SPBGMA Festival Band Championships.

Hit & Run formed in late 2001 with the mutual desire to play “authentic yet modern” bluegrass. They quickly launched as a successful touring act out of Colorado, gracing stages of prestigious festivals and venues in 41 states and Canada and eventually migrating to Nashville in 2007 with two studio albums under their belts. Since 2002, Hit & Run has shared stages with the likes of Jimmy Martin, Hot Rize, Rhonda Vincent, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Del McCoury, David Grisman, Ricky Skaggs, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, G. Love & Special Sauce, Galactic, Medeski Martin & Wood, and many other recognized acts in bluegrass and popular music.

Journalist Craig Havighurst calls Rebecca Frazier “East Nashville real deal bluegrass,” and the success of her release, When We Fall, has been authenticating this title. The album earned accolades as “Best Bluegrass Album of 2013,” according to Bluegrass Situation, #6 on Bluegrass Today’s Monthly Chart, and #3 on Roots Music Report Bluegrass Chart. Rebecca’s work has been featured in national publications, including Bluegrass Today, Engine 145, Deep Roots Magazine, Maverick, Bluegrass Now, Bluegrass Unlimited, and more.

Rebecca worked through a personal tragedy to write and then record deeply personal songs for When We Fall, released May 28, 2013 by Compass Records. Recorded and co-produced by Brent Truitt (Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton), the album features several flatpicking guitar “manifestos” from Rebecca’s compositional repertoire, as well as original ballads, folky Americana, and bluegrass songs following a Neil Young cover and the traditional “Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow” from Hit & Run’s stage repertoire. Says Deep Roots Magazine, “Frazier is in superb voice throughout…As much as it is a musical achievement, When We Fall persists in memory for its flesh and blood humanity.”

Grammy Award winning musician Alison Brown hails Frazier by saying, “Rebecca Frazier is a triple threat.  She is a wonderfully engaging singer, a compelling songwriter and an accomplished guitarist to boot.  All of these talents come together to dazzling effect on When We Fall.  I’m proud of Rebecca for what she’s achieved on this album, for her tenacity in pursuing her dream, and for recording one of the best bluegrass albums of this decade.”

Since 2001, Hit & Run has gained the respect of promoters, fans, musicians, and media across the country with their “indefinable vibrancy that distinguishes the great from the good” (Colorado Daily). Touring as Rebecca Frazier and Hit & Run, the band showcases Hit & Run’s arrangement prowess while bringing Rebecca’s compositional and writing skills to the forefront. In 2023, Kelly Eastes, Yellowstone Harvest Festival of Montana confirms, “I’ve worked with Rebecca for several festivals, and her masterful guitar work & exceptional vocals never disappoint. She attracts some of the best musicians on the planet to her band. In September 2022, Rebecca Frazier + Hit & Run headlined our Yellowstone Harvest Festival, and their performances were stunning.”



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