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Welcoming Hit & Run banjo ace, Kyle Tuttle

March 28th, 2013

DSCN2615Hit & Run is thrilled to announce the addition of Kyle Tuttle to our crew. Coming to us from Berklee College of Music by way of Georgia, Kyle’s got that special touch! Here’s a pic from Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville, where HRB played this week for a crowd of State Representatives, Senators…and the Governor himself (thought we saw some thumbs up during Kyle’s “Molly & Tenbrooks” kick-off…) Visit Kyle’s website for more of his good vibes.

Hit & Run April 28 iTunes release: A DECADE late

March 12th, 2013

pk_cover_withoutmapsorchartspk_cover_beautyfadesTo celebrate our tardy arrival to the digital download world, we are going to hammer the point home by releasing Hit & Run’s albums on April 28, 2013–exactly a DECADE after Apple launched iTunes. Thanks to all of you who have purchased physical copies online, at stores, and at our shows. Help us spread the word to bluegrass fans that the one-time #1 requested song on Sirius Bluegrass Radio, “I’ve Kissed You My Last Time,” is now available for digital download, along with every other track on “Without Maps or Charts” and “Beauty Fades!” Click here to purchase…thank you!

Welcome to the new website!

March 5th, 2013

DSCN0795Bluegrass friends! If you’ve been following Hit & Run for the past decade, you may remember, launched back in 2001. There was a page titled “Great Pickers.” On the page, I listed anyone and everyone with whom I’d picked, along with a little bio and picture. This was pre-social media, so some of these folks actually cared that they were on the website. It was somewhat like a non-interactive social media page.

Lest I sound smug, as though I created a harbinger to the current social media craze, I’m fully aware that motherhood has taken my attention away from the internet…and I’m utterly late to the party. Indeed, until now, I haven’t had a Facebook page, Twitter account, or website. I hope you’ll enjoy taking a gander at what’s been created here by the amazing Brianne Farquhar. Thanks so much for looking! ~Rebecca


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