"...a genuine triple threat as a singer, songwriter and flatpicking guitarist"

- Nashville Scene

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"I have played Rebecca's CD again and again. Her voice is fabulous and the choice of songs is so smart....She sounds like an old soul to me."

-Lee Smith,

New York Times bestselling author

When We Fall

• "Best Bluegrass Album of 2013" [Bluegrass Situation]

• "#9, Best of the Year List" [Engine 145]

• "#3 Roots Music Report [National Bluegrass Radio]

• "#6 "Darken Your Doorway" [Bluegrass Today Monthly Chart]

• #16 Billboard/Soundscan [Top Bluegrass Albums Chart, June 2013]

"Rebecca Frazier will be heard from by dint of her artistry as a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, but the heart informing her music makes all the difference."

- Deep Roots Magazine

Rebecca Frazier and Hit & Run

"East Nashville real deal bluegrass"

- Craig Havighurst

Rebecca Frazier and Hit & Run

Dr. Ralph Stanley: A Virginia Hero

June 28th, 2016

It’s hard to believe how many musicians we’ve lost recently…Bowie, Prince, Merle Haggard. But this loss hits closer to home for me and many others. Dr. Ralph Stanley was a Virginian who carried on the tradition of mountain singing, penned creative songs that impacted many lives, created his own style of banjo picking, and was arguably the kindest gentleman in all the music world. I played on bills with him (festivals, concerts) throughout the years, and I just never wanted to be “that guy”–the one taking a photo with him–though now, honestly, I’m a little sad not to have said photo! This picture was taken at Poppy Mountain Festival in 2007, right after Dr. Ralph was kind enough to say hello to me backstage and tell me I sounded great. (Seriously? I couldn’t believe his courtesy). I’m sad to see him go, for so many reasons. The last of the first generation of bluegrass originators. RIP.

Ralph StanleyRebecca Frazier

River of Music Party…

June 27th, 2016


Rebecca Frazier

Rebecca, Stephen Mougin, Dancin’ Dave at guitar workshop


Frazier festie kids

…a.k.a. ROMP takes place in Kentucky each June, a stone’s throw from the birthplace of Bill Monroe. Cool honor: did guitar workshop with my pal Stephen Mougin this year, and man did I enjoy taking in the Kentucky vibes. Life moves on, too; it’s the first time I haven’t needed a sitter to watch the kids while I play. They just “hung out” at the picnic table beside the workshop. What?


Thanks to the Hag

April 11th, 2016

15 years ago this spring, I was asked to co-found a vintage country and honky tonk band. We were The All Night Honky Tonk All Stars, and we were inspired by the songs and sounds of Merle Haggard, among others. RIP, and thank you for the music.

Rebecca Frazier Merle

Sumner County Jamboree

April 10th, 2016
Roland White and Rebecca Frazier

Roland White

Bluegrass Programs in colleges are rare. Yet Volunteer State offers a degree in bluegrass, with wise advisor Ben Graves leading the way. It was such an honor to be asked to perform and do a master class for their annual Sumner County Jamboree this weekend, alongside bluegrass legend Roland White and many others. Bluegrass is alive and well in these here parts.

Sumner County Jamboree

Rebecca Frazier with Isaac Eicher

Sumner County Jamboree 3

Ben Graves

Congratulations Grammy winners and nominees

February 18th, 2016

Music’s biggest night celebrated Nashville style. Congrats Brent Truitt, When We Fall producer and engineer, for his Grammy Award for best bluegrass album with The Steel Drivers. Other Nashville folks to congratulate: Bela Fleck & Abby Washburn, Chris Stapleton. <3 

Rebecca Frazier

Merry Christmas to You

December 18th, 2015

It’s been said many times, many ways…So wait, I’ll sing it to you! Acoustic trio “The Christmas Song” a.k.a “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.” In gratitude for a wonderful year of music, teamwork, laughter, joy on and off the road, and fantastic folkie bluegrass folks like you. God bless!

Doug Dangler Video/ Six String Concerts

Ohio winter wonder…Six String Concerts

December 6th, 2015

Holiday spirit moved us Friday. We loved our beautiful Columbus, OH audience. Thanks to Six String Concerts for presenting this folky grassy trio!

Rebecca FrazierRebecca Frazier

Glad we were able to add Christmas music to our bag of bluegrass, jazz swing, honky tonk, old time and folk music. We even got Robert to pull out the ol’ fiddle! Thanks Joel Stein for the great pics. See ya down the road, Ohio!

Rebecca FrazierRebecca Frazier

Fall cheer

November 1st, 2015

Here are things that make us happy in the Fall-time. Chili simmering on the crock pot. Children jumping in a leaf pile. A jack o’lantern and a little boy who carved it. A life-size zombie of Marilyn Monroe (that now lives at our house). A winter jacket found at Goodwill for $9, for the fastest growing 3-year old girl on earth!

Rebecca FrazierRebecca FrazierRebecca FrazierRebecca FrazierRebecca FrazierRebecca Frazier


Berklee Alum Night in Nashville

October 19th, 2015

‘Twas an honor to be invited to be the “Featured Artist” for Berklee’s Alumni Songwriter Showcase here in Nashville. We met young, talented writers who are surely making Berklee proud. Thanks, Shantell Ogden, for being the heart and soul of this monthly gathering. I’m so glad I went to Berklee…albeit briefly!

Rebecca FrazierRebecca Frazier

Rebecca FrazierRebecca Frazier

Hard to believe Hit & Run is winding down for the year, but it has been such an amazing year of traveling all over this beautiful, inspiring country of ours. Thanks for showing us such warmth on the road! Here’s to gratitude, abundance, music, & friends. Cheers.

Rebecca Frazier


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